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Subaru Loves Pets

Whether they live in our homes or in the wild,
Subaru is committed to keeping all animals safe and healthy.

Subaru Loves Pets:  It's no secret that at Subaru of New England, we love pets.
Each year, approximately 7.6 million animals enter shelters, many of which are abandoned by their owners. That is why every October, we team up with local shelters and celebrate our furry friends with in-store animal rescue supply drives and various adoption and fundraising events. We want to ensure animal welfare organizations and shelters have the supplies they need to keep animals happy and healthy, increasing their chances of being adopted.

Ways to Help: With your help we can make a difference in the lives of many animals. Any donation of pet food, collars, leashes, towels, blankets, grooming supplies, food & water bowls, toys, treats, and cleaning supplies can help better the lives of animals. Participating retailers will have collection boxes set up throughout October and ask you to donate, and join us in helping to keep all animals healthy.

To see a list of participating Subaru of New England Retailers click here.

#SNELovesPets: In addition, Subaru of New England itself, has donated over $120,000 to animal shelters across New England, through our annual SNE Loves Pets campaign. Every October, we call on our fellow pet owners and advocates, asking them to upload a picture of their furry friends to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using #SNELovesPets. To show our appreciation for animals we donate up to $10,000 per shelter in each of the six New England states for every unique picture uploaded! These shelters typically use this money towards medical treatments and supplies for all animals in need.

Each year, we could hand a check to these animal shelters directly, but for Subaru this campaign is about much more than the money. Our primary goal is to spread awareness about these animals that are near and dear to our hearts. With the money and awareness combined, we hope that more and more pets will receive the care, attention, and treatment that they deserve.

We are lucky to be able to visit the shelters who benefit from #SNELovesPets, and get the chance to meet the furry friends we strive to help. Check out some amazing pictures and heartfelt quotes from these shelters!

"With the #SNELovesPets donation, Animal Rescue Rhode Island (ARRI) was able to purchase an ultraviolet light disinfection unit to prevent illness from spreading in the building, noise absorption panels in the dog kennel areas, two washing machines to keep the animals' beds clean, agility equipment like alternating poles, jump hoops and a tunnel! Thank you Subaru of New England for making all of this possible!" - Michele Vidmar, Executive Director, ARRI

"Countless pets' lives have been transformed by the Connecticut Humane Society through loving care and attention, lifesaving medical treatment, and placement in new homes. And on top of that, SNE has increased awareness of pet adoption."-Connecticut Humane Society Executive Director Gordon Willard

"This collaboration allows us not only to raise funds that support our veterinary services, adoption services, law enforcement activities, advocacy efforts, and community services, but also to show our connection to and involvement in the greater New England population of animal lovers." Carter Luke, President and CEO of MSPCA-Angell    
"Our adoption rate continues to be in the 90th percentile monthly - something we could not achieve without the support of wonderful, philanthropic, and socially conscious companies like this one." Marylee Gorham-Waterman, Executive Director of NHHS

"Their donation will help us care for these animals; providing them with food, medical care and comfort. More importantly, it will help us continue to get 98% of these animals out of our shelters and home to stay," said Joe Montisano, Executive Director for Coastal Humane Society and Lincoln County Animal Shelter.

"This $10,000 gift from Subaru of New England is a tremendous vote of confidence in our mission. We placed 940 companion animals in new homes! We could not do this important work without the support of such kind-hearted, pet-friendly, philanthropic companies like Subaru of New England." - Nancy Cathcart, President and CEO of HSCC

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