Why Choose a Subaru of New England Retailer to Service Your Subaru?

Our factory-trained, Subaru-certified technicians have all of the specialized tools, every genuine Subaru part, and decades of combined Subaru service experience needed to bring the best out of your Subaru, whether your car needs major repairs, routine maintenance or a quick oil change.

Why Does My Subaru Need Regular Oil Changes?

Your SUBARU BOXER® engine needs fresh, clean oil to help it stay cool and perform at maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, oil breaks down and gets dirty over time, which can do more harm than good for your engine. Oil changes drain out old oil and replace it with a fresh supply so that your engine's fast-moving components can stay lubricated, helping them last longer and perform better.

Regular oil changes help to keep your engine running smoothly and help ensure its longevity.
Oil changes should occur either every 6 months or 6,000 miles. If you are driving fewer miles, it is recommended you change the oil twice a year.
Oil becomes less effective as it ages. Acids build up and moisture condenses as your Subaru sits. Driving burns those contaminants away. If you don't run your Subaru for very long very often, the engine doesn't get hot enough to burn off this moisture, and the oil won't be as effective at lubricating your engine which can lead to shorter engine life. The only way to eliminate them is by draining out the old oil and replacing it with fresh oil.

Why choose Genuine Subaru Oil?

It's the ONLY oil formulated specifically for your SUBARU BOXER engine, and refilling it at each oil change helps to:
  • Clean and protect internal parts
  • Maximize engine life
  • Maintain optimal performance
  • Ensure proper fuel economy
The Importance of Maintaining the Subaru Boxer Engine

Drawn from over a century of intelligent performance, the horizontal layout of the SUBARU BOXER® engine combines balance with power and efficiency. You'll find one at the heart of every Subaru model.
Our New England Subaru Retailers are committed to serving our customers and keeping your Subaru running smoothly.

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