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Green Up Vermont


Green Up Day: Subaru of New England and its Vermont retailers are proud sponsors of Green Up Day. Launched in 1970, this statewide cleanup day brings together more than 15,000 volunteers to remove trash from Vermont's landscape and waterways.

Our Contribution: Subaru of New England's annual donation to Green Up Day helps to cover the cost of trash bags, supplies, advertising, and much more. Our seven Vermont retailers are also active participants in the day of work. Each retailer site serves as a bag pick-up and drop-off location, offering refreshments, an afternoon cookout, and perhaps some swag. Don't be surprised to find the employees working hard alongside of you to keep Vermont green!

All In A Day's Work: It's incredible how much work can be accomplished in one day. Thanks to our volunteers, we collected an impressive 13 tons of trash in 2015. That's 26,000 fewer pounds of trash polluting Vermont's roadways and waterways.

Take A Stand: If just one day can bring about such amazing results, can you imagine what one year can do? It's never too late to get involved! You can start by joining us for this year's Green Up Vermont on May 7. From there, you can follow in Subaru of New England's footsteps by making daily efforts to protect the environment.

Let's Get Social: Being green goes hand in hand with having fun. Although, you don't have to just take our word for it. Take a look below to see what others have said on social media!