Subaru Loves to Help

Giving comfort and warmth to those experiencing homelessness.

Imagine having to worry about where you're going to sleep tonight. Wondering how you can stay warm as the nights grow colder. For more than 500,000 Americans experiencing homelessness - this is the reality they face every day.

Through the Subaru Love Promise, a commitment to supporting our communities, Subaru of New England and our Retailers are taking action by partnering with local homeless shelters to personally deliver water-resistant blankets and warm socks to those in need in our local communities.

Last November, as part of Subaru Loves to Help, Subaru and its Retailers provided 50,000 warm blankets to homeless shelters across the country. This year, Subaru is doing it again to bring the total donation to 100,000 blankets to help those experiencing homelessness. In addition to more blankets, Subaru will also be donating a total of 50,000 pairs of socks.
Local shelters are also often in need of other items such as sneakers, boots, pants, coats, hats, and gloves. Contact your local shelter to find out what is needed in your community and how you can help.

At Subaru of New England, we're proud to be more than a car company. Showing warmth and compassion for those who find themselves without a roof over their heads is just one of the ways Subaru of New England is doing more to make a difference this season.

Participating Retailers

Belknap Subaru
Lundgren Subaru
Brattleboro Subaru
Burlington Subaru
Rutland Subaru
Saint J Subaru
Subaru of Keene
Twin City Subaru
White River Subaru
Bath Subaru
Charlie's Subaru
Evergreen Subaru
Exeter Subaru
McGovern Subaru
Pape Subaru
Patriot Subaru
Profile Subaru
Quirk Subaru of Bangor
Stanley Subaru
Tri City Subaru
AutoFair Subaru
Cityside Subaru
Ed Reilly Subaru
Granite Subaru
Ira Subaru
MetroWest Subaru
Milford Subaru
North Reading Subaru
Prime Subaru Manchester
Subaru of Wakefield
Village Subaru
Anchor Subaru

Atlantic Subaru
Balise Subaru
Clay Subaru
Mastria Subaru
Patriot Subaru of N Attleboro
Patriot Subaru of N Attleboro
Planet Subaru
Copeland Subaru Hyannis
Quirk Works Subaru
Stateline Subaru
Bertera Subaru
Haddad Subaru
Holmgren Subaru
Long Subaru
North End Subaru
Patrick Subaru
Reynolds Subaru
Secor Subaru
Steve Lewis Subaru
Suburban Subaru
Valenti Subaru
Bertera Subaru of Hartford
Colonial Subaru
Dan Perkins Subaru
Garavel Subaru
Gengras Subaru Torrington
Mitchell Subaru
Premier Subaru
Premier Subaru Watertown
Quality Subaru
Schaller Subaru
Subaru Stamford