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Compare the Subaru Crosstrek - The Youthful Explorer’s Choice

The young explorer is someone who loves the great outdoors. No matter what Mother Nature may have up her sleeve, the young explorer is always prepared to move forward. That's why we created the Subaru Crosstrek, a compact crossover that perfectly combines the comforts of a car with the capabilities of a truck. The Crosstrek leaves no paths unexplored, traveling on both city streets and trails alike. Even when presented with an obstacle, the Crosstrek conquers it without difficulty, leaving the driver stronger than ever before. Best of all, as a Partial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV), the Crosstrek minimizes its impact on the environment, keeping the outdoors the way you found it. When it comes to exploring, leave it to the Crosstrek to go where no other compact crossover has gone before.

Strong Build

to conquer the road’s biggest challenges

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Fuel Efficiency

minimizes the impact on your favorite place – the great outdoors

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Intelligent Design

allows you to lead confidently on the road ahead

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Perfect Size

provides the comforts of a car with the capabilities of a truck

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Advanced Technology

for unlimited connectivity and entertainment behind the wheel

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